“EL TRANS” is a transport company in Albania established in 2008 with entirely Albanian capital. The main activity of the company is the transport of cargoes inside and outside the country. El trans based in the city of Elbasan offers transport services with its vehicles to the Balkan countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as in southwestern Europe such as Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France etc.
Thanks to our daily work and dedication we grew, from a small company to a modern and competitive company offering our customers a quality fleet of tools, speed and security in transporting goods to our customers. If you are looking for a reliable and flexible partner, then El Trans is the right choice for your company.







Service Package

We offer a complete service package from the supplier to the desired destination by the customer.

Customs Services

We offer facilities in transit and customs services, whether these are import or export cargos. Fast and quality transport, with the most competitive prices in the region.

Assistance 24/7

We offer services throughout all days of the week, responding accurately to every customer request, in real time.